Start with the brand. Infuse it into every element.


Make it cohesive. Make a connection. Make your brand matter.

An Insurance Broker Dinner

A Leading Global Insurance Company

Oahu, Hawaii

Royal Hawaiian Hotel Garden

250 Guests

How do you show appreciation to your customers while subtly underscoring and advancing the position of your company as a global player with specific ties to the Asia Pacific market? Use the location at hand, in this case Hawaii -- an island in close proximity -- and then create an exceptional experience for 250 guests by combining elements indigenous to the islands with elements specific to the Asian Pacific countries.


We wrapped guests in a serene, Zen-like garden replete with raked sand and Japanese foliage and plants and then punctuated the evening with cultural performances from India, Thailand, the Philippines and China - to name a few. We no doubt heightened awareness of this key marketplace while making guests feel appreciated as well as secure and strong in their partnership with this leading insurer. Everyone left feeling all the wiser, esteemed, happy and at peace – none more so than the client.