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The ACE Group Classic 2009

Featuring Bruce Hornsby

Naples, FL

Ritz Carlton Golf Resort

600 Guests

After multiple years of producing the awards program for this prestigious Golf Classic, we once again hit a hole in one. But under much more stringent budget restrictions. The economy tanked during the previous year and kept right on sinking throughout the new year and all belts were tightened. Rightly so.


Even so, it was important we score big under the flailing conditions.


With more than a third of our budget gone, we delivered a winning awards program and entertainment in a stroke of brilliant and creative planning. We produced a beautiful room staged for a concert featuring Bruce Hornsby that mirrored the quality of the more flush years and environments but we did it by making smart and prudent decisions. We used understated elegance and a less is more approach throughout. And it worked.


No one was more happy than the client because the guests exclaimed that the event was on par if not better than in previous years. And as a result we scored the 2010 program going forward.