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Make it cohesive. Make a connection. Make your brand matter.

The ACE Group Classic 2012

Naples, FL

Ritz Carlton Golf Resort

600 Guests

Our client has been sponsoring the PGA Champions Tour for 10 years. We’ve been involved for every one of those ten. And each year we’re challenged to differentiate- especially as it concerns the production of the awards and entertainment portion of the program. But this year, the par was set even higher.


The program would take place in two distinct areas. Dinner and award presentation in the tent. Apres dinner entertainment in the ballroom. Yet as distinct and as distant as these two venues were from one another, we were asked to keep the evening seamless. And we were asked to go green. Made sense.


Our client was going green as a company, their guests we’re frequently on the fairway, and their primary brand color was, you got it, green. So we stayed the course and applied a natural tone and organic treatment overall. Nothing was missed. Gobos tastefully washed the tent walls, branded golf balls tucked in bird nest stakes accented tree vignettes along the perimeter, tree branch overlays graced every other table, and centerpieces arranged with branches or organic cotton balls were layered on every available surface. The same patterns and textures repeated themselves in each space and the transition between one room and the next was flawless. The client said we aced it, naturally, of course!


We also aced providing first-class services for the company’s elite customer base. Services included sedan transportation to and from the airport, shuttle services to golf events, a range of cool, non-related golf activities as well as superior hospitality staff.