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Herbalife 30th Year Anniversary Summit

Orlando, FL

In words peppered throughout the Herbalife RFP, they requested rich and exclusive treatments. A partner who could construct all-encompassing theatres. Natural and elegant transformations of space. Brilliant environments of celebration. And most importantly, an experience that would provide guests with a renewed sense of focus and a desire to exceed expectations.


We got it, and right from the start, our intention was to set the stage with concepts that exceeded their expectations, so that right from the beginning, they would feel confident that we could stage the same for their esteemed guests. We succeeded on every level. Two examples from the back-to-back series of five events follow.


The Chairman’s Club Dinner celebrated the accomplishments of senior distribution executives. The dinner was slated to be conducted as a concert under the stars. It was also slated to begin at twilight. And it was within this universe of transition that we created an environment that brought the heavens to earth.


And yet on another occasion and within the environs of the Waldorf Astoria’s Bull and Bear restaurant, court was to be held for The Founder’s Circle, a composition of the Herbalife esteemed founders. We needed to work within the established décor of the restaurant, but were charged with elevating the venue to levels befitting a royal family. We gracefully transformed a rather typical steakhouse into a majestic setting for the occasion.