Start with the brand. Infuse it into every element.


Make it cohesive. Make a connection. Make your brand matter.

Customer Appreciation Gala featuring Kenny Loggins

A Leading Global Insurance Company

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans Arena

2000 Guests

This is it! The one party at an all-in national insurance conference that promised an unforgettable, celebratory event that would recognize our client's customers and prospects as well as the New Orleans spirit to rebound. Anyway, that was the goal. This was the result.


Using the company’s positioning of insuring progress to draw parallels between the ability of New Orleans to move forward in the face of adversity and the company’s ability to make that move possible, we borrowed from a pattern established in the company’s advertising campaign. The pattern simulated rays from the sun and we used it profusely throughout as a metaphor for rebirth and progress. We also used circles in a secondary step and repeat pattern throughout the venue. We then combined those under warm orange and gold house lights, which in turn, totally transformed an ordinary arena into an extraordinary environment entirely apropos of the company brand.


We added rich and saturating splashes of an incredible orange daybreak to enhance the effect which was all further accented with the company’s brand appropriate colors.