Start with the brand. Infuse it into every element.


Make it cohesive. Make a connection. Make your brand matter.

Customer Appreciation Gala featuring One Republic

A Leading Global Insurance Company

Philadelphia, PA

The Liacouras Center, Temple University

3000 Guests


Production Timelapse

Each year, our client participates in a conference for buyers of insurance products and services. All of their competitor's attend and all of them fight for their share of attention. Our client did it best.


In general, the overall objective was to build brand advocacy but there were also underlying, mixed messages and they needed to be communicated. We were in Philadelphia, home of the Liberty Bell, and headquarters for our client, who just happened to have a long lineage in the same city. We needed to pay homage to those facts plus we needed to address a contemporary brand and its core positioning message of progress.


We did it with a thematic that embraced the history, the concert and the brand - we called it: The Sounds of Progress. We did it by creating an all-immersive sound studio environment-- from the entrances, to the arena floor, and the stage. We did it with carefully selected decor elements that were visually evocative of sound waves, speaker systems and reverb patterns. We did it with an explosive video concert opener that demonstrated the first sounds of freedom born in Philadelphia as well as the metaphorical sounds of business coverages-- all of which played out on two giant screens flanking a scenic wall of speakers. We did it with a great, contemporary and progressive band, One Republic. And being a boutique agency, we did it for less than the super-sized production guys. We heard about that, loud and clear, from our very happy customer.