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Customer Appreciation Gala featuring Sugar Ray

A Leading Global Insurance Company

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Convention Center

2000 Guests

In conjunction with an annual insurance conference, our client journeys to a different destination with the objective of personally engaging its worldwide prospects and clients in its brand and products. In 2011, the company was on course for Vancouver with a message specific to international risk needs.


Borrowing visually from their GPS- Global Product Solutions Ad, we paired the architectural “sails” of the Vancouver Convention Center and its location on the dazzling waterfront with additional representations of the seas and navigating systems to help manifest the client’s product breadth, depth and reach. We painted our space in watery lights tinged in brand blues and greens, we floated a custom-made GPS scenic form on stage, we immersed their guests in the contemporary sounds of Sugar Ray and we once again definitively drowned out the competition.


Nearly 2000 customers and prospects found the coordinates to the VCC and stayed on course for a concert that blew them away with gale force impact and blew us into port for producing the 2012 Customer Appreciation Gala in Philadelphia.