Candidates for the Morning Show

  • You have an annual event that’s been produced on a shoestring. There’s a need to elevate it to the next level but the budget is still tight. You think you’re stuck. But then along comes a team hot wired to your needs, sensitive to your budgets and capable of producing meetings that can take off to those new heights.
  • Or you once produced meetings with healthy budgets, but the impact of the tight, slowly-recovering market is choking the breadth and scope of your productions. Yet you still need to deliver a creative concept that carries your message long after the meeting ends.
  • Another perspective. A pop up meeting falls into your lap, you’re strapped for time and ideas, but everyone is depending on you to deliver a superior product and for less.
  • Or you’ve been faced with perception issues, yet you want a professionally produced meeting session opener that zings, not stings. That’s us!
  • If you recognize yourself in any one of the above scenarios, then recognize that The Morning Show with Scott Bloom— a production of New Day Creative-- is on standby to help!

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Tune into The Morning Show with Scott Bloom and turn onto a fun, affordable, turn-key hosted talk show format


Better than coffee, The Morning Show facilitated by professional corporate host and television personality Scott Bloom is a cost-effective alternative to the typical meeting session snoozer. In fact, it’s a meeting stimulus package of an entirely different sort. It’s made with a heavy ROI. It’s rooted in LOL. And it’s an unbelievably easy format to stir up.


And it works like this. It’s early. You’ve got an audience you need to wake-up and excite. And most probably an audience of iPod-listening, Tivo-recording, internet surfing, iPhone-communicating junkies. They want interaction, but they’re probably expecting the usual Powerpoint parade of talking heads.


But you go one better You develop a real perk for attendees by using a masterful talk show host and then you set the stage in a format that suits your objectives. Could be two stools. Could be a sofa, desk and a chair. Could be a panel. Simple is as simple does.


Now enter corporate host and emcee, Scott Bloom. With his affable personality and high energy, he sets the tone for the meeting. He opens the session by engaging and warming up the crowd. He shift expectations and then conducts unfussy, less formal interview segments. Segments which ultimately relax presenters as well as the lines of communication to the audience. Making the delivery of executive messages more memorable, which in turn, of course, sweetens the entire outcome.

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Scott Bloom, a former VH1 host and professional corporate emcee, has hosted hundreds of corporate events and appeared on dozens of television programs. Scott is the returning favorite for Fortune 500 companies like FedEx, IBM, Pfizer and Gillette to name a few.