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Risk Manager Dinner

A Leading Global Insurance Company

New Orleans, LA

The Foundry

250 Guests

What if you could take 250 of your most valued customers, show them your appreciation for all of their business while making them feel that they’ve done their part in the recovery of a post-Katrina New Orleans? It was easy. By drawing from the rich and diverse history of New Orleans – African American, Cajun and Creole -- to illustrate endurance, spirit, prosperity and the will to move forward, we cast the event as a progressive dinner with each course designed to totally immerse guests in a cultural encounter to touch all five senses.


To set each scene, a southern gentleman engaged the audience with a story of a particular culture. Each story was followed by a related performance which was then punctuated with a culinary course specific to the culture being presented. Indigenous background music played throughout each course and in the end, a wildly happy client followed by their wildly happy guests marched and danced behind a second-line brass band right into an anteroom that was set for decadent desserts and coffee. What else?