Start with the brand. Infuse it into every element.


Make it cohesive. Make a connection. Make your brand matter.

Customer Appreciation Gala Concert featuring Hootie & The Blowfish

A Leading Global Insurance Company

San Diego, CA

San Diego Convention Center Sails Pavilion

1500 Guests

Only Wanna Be With You. That’s exactly right. Not only was this theme the name of a major record hit by our featured concert act; it was also a major sentiment that our client wanted to express to its customers and prospects. So we used it profusely. As an audio track in the evite, in welcome signage, in gobos and in powerpoint.


And in order to create a tangible brand vitality, we couched the theme in a geometric pattern established in our client’s advertising campaign. We used this metaphorical pattern abundantly and creatively within the room environment to reflect the characteristics of the company – balance, structure, strength, and fluidity with a promise to ensure progress. We also used the company colors to further reinforce the brand.


And in the end, there was no mistaking that our client’s message was believed and embraced. Because instead of the 1500 guests we planned for, we entertained 3000. Needless to say, the client was exponentialky happy and New Day Creative was awarded the 2009 program on the spot which cemented a new use for the original sentiment – Only Wanna Be with You!