Start with the brand. Infuse it into every element.


Make it cohesive. Make a connection. Make your brand matter.

Customer Appreciation Gala featuring Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty

A Leading Global Insurance Company

Boston, MA

Hynes Auditorium

3000 Guests

Inspiration for the 2010 Gala creative treatment was drawn from our client’s 2010 launch ad which set the tone for their entire 2010 campaign.


Using the campaign image of the earth in space to illustrate infinite possibility, using the company brand colors, using smart bursts of promotional messaging— "wherever you’re headed", "at any level", "above and beyond"— to create a tangible brand vitality equivalent to the company's declaration to take on risks anywhere, and by using a contemporary act to illustrate our client’s commitment to growth and progress, we again rocked it!


Three thousand customers — 1500 over the anticipated count — responded to the evite lyrics requesting that they, "C'mon Over" to celebrate our client's 25th anniversary. Our customer proclaimed the event “Far Out” and gave us the “All In” for 2011.